Custom Jigs and Spincasting

With all the products on the market today, very few are quality made products.  We don’t believe you should have rusty hooks on your jigs in your tackle box after one trip.  So we decided to step up and fill the gap.

Make a Mold

Make a Mold

The first step in a quality product is a quality mold.  We pour our masters and then create a rubber mold that will have minimal flashing and gate marks.

If you are painting your own jigs, then you know how long it takes to file off the gate marks.  With our molds, we minimize those issues so you can go straight to painting.

spincasting machine

Spin it UP!

Second Step is to insert the mold into the spincasting machine with fine tuning speed and pressure until we get a quality looking product.

One big advantage of spincasting is the use of hard lead.  Most products you find on eBay and the such are soft lead jigs made with aluminum molds.  Our lead is alloyed to make the lead withstand bouncing off of trees, rocks, and boats with minimal denting and finish damage.

custom jig

Finished Jigs

Last of all we either finish the jig to your color choice or package and ship.

We can powder coat pretty much any color available from Component Systems.  You can view their color charts here: Component Systems Powder Coat.

So if you have any questions or would like a quote, give us a shout through our contact form or at [email protected]